Dio, il senso della vita e la vita senza senso dell'ateo


God, the Meaning of Life and the Life without Meaning of the Atheist (paper in Italian): The main goal of the paper is to give a rigorous demonstration of the following assumption: without God there would be no rational way to justify any ethical doctrine and life would be absurd. The logical structure of the paper develops upon three steps: a strait definition of the expression “sense of life”, an interpretation of the so called “Hume’s law”, the proposal of a metaethical theory which could be described as “grounding ethics ex auctoritate cum fundamento in re”. The theory proposed argues that, because of God’s ontological simplicity, the “Is-Ought Question” does not concern Him: to regard God as a Creating and Infallible Authority is the only way to lay the foundation of ethics through teleology and in spite of Hume’s law.

Aquinas, 2-3 (46), Int. Rev. of the Faculty of Philosophy, Pontifical Lateran University, pp. 329-364